Among must and vineyards: tasting in Tenuta San Giorgio

September has come and in Tenuta San Giorgio we are ready for harvesting. It’s time to pick up grapes from our vineyards and get ready for the new vintage amazing products.

This period of the year is so important and enchanting that we would like to share with you all its secrets, through an experience that will let you know our wine from the beginning of its journey.

We are delighted to invite you to Tenuta San Giorgio from September 22nd to September 26th to discover the wine in different steps of the vinification process. Together, we will visit the production site, have a walk in the vineyards and finally taste prosecco from the glera must to the sparkling bottled wine.

Keep updated on our social media or call us at +39 351 6773787 (Marco).

We look forward to seeing you!