Meeting the new sparkling wine labels

Our latest rebranding brought to Tenuta San Giorgio marketing materials’ updating. This was the best moment to restyle our sparkling wine labels too.

Tenuta San Giorgio is located at the heart of river Piave, more precisely on its island, Grave di Papadopoli. We started using river Piave as a design element some years ago, when we first created the new still wine labels. Today, the path of the river around Tenuta San Giorgio is once more the key element that inspired our new sparkling wine labels restyling. It testifies our love for the river and our territory.

We took the chance to give a name to each of our wines as well: some unique wine or landscape features inspired us during the creative process.

Are you ready to meet them?


The vineyards of our Prosecco millesimato are grown on the beautiful land close to river Piave banks. Ripe is an ancient Italian word meaning “river banks”, and frondose, “leafy”, depicts how luxuriant those vineyards are.


The twin of our Prosecco Ripe Frondose is born: it is fresh, delicate, and… pink! Our best Prosecco, In rosa.


One of our most representative wines could only be named after our beloved river. Flumen, Latin word for “river”, expresses the love for our land. The two extra dry and brut versions will satisfy any palate.


Solletico, Italian word for “tickle”, is our semi-sparkling Prosecco. Its bubbles are so light and elegant that will pleasantly tickle your palate.


Duetto, Italian word for “duet”, is the perfect cuvée, and the best mix of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay vines.


This sparkling rosé wine is a precious gemma, Italian word for “gem”, that will enlighten your best moments with your family and friends.


Incrocio Manzoni, rosé, sparkling… odd, isn’t it? We are extremely proud of our beloved bizzarro, “odd”, sparkling wine.