Tenuta San Griorgio’s still wines dress code: chic

Veneto is a very rich territory, where a wide varieties of landscapes can be found. It very heterogeneous also from the oenological point of view; prpbably Prosecco is Veneto’s most appreciated and well-known product all over the world but we have a great range of wine types.

In Tenuta San Giorgio we don’t only harvest glera -Prosecco grape- but we have several different vine varieties that give us excellent still wines. Our family has been in the wine-making industry for over 50 years and during this time we developed unique recepies.

2021 was a very special year for our company: we extended the production area, launched our e-commerce and renewed our logo. All the changes related to this rebranding are still going on; among these, we should certainly mention new labels.

We began with still wines. Their labels maintained the elegance of the previous version bu thave some innovations, the most important of which are the new names of wines. They are extremely special to us and this is why we decided to give each of them a name.

Let’s meet them!


Insula, latin for “island”, is dedicated to our land; Tenuta San Giorgio is located on the Grave di Papadopoli river island, which is the biggest all over Italy.


Ciottoli are the tipycal pebbles you find walking along Piave river, where our estate is located. The name LĒVIGO comes from the Italian levigato, “smooth”, which is ciottoli’s main characteristic. A tribute to our terroir.


Arzarè is our declension of the Venetian dialect word arzare, which means “river bank”. We dedicate our Chardonnay to the precious Piave river, one of the most important elements of our land.


 Focaia celebrates one of most peculiar aromatic hints of our Sauvignon: the flint stone.


The word “sauvignon” derives drom the French “sauvage”, which means “savage”. This term well describes our Cabernet Sauvignon, an impetuous and untamable wine.


The origin of this wine is a real mystery; a secret passed down to the last generation of the Tombacco family, who finally decided to name this wine accordingly.

Now that you are more familiar with them you should taste them! We are looking forward to seeing you in Tenuta San Giorgio; choose the tasting experience that best suits you.